Balancing Fitness goals and Indulgence: The Collin Mays Approach to Sustainable Weight Loss and Longevity

Collin Mays

Well, we are into the second month of 2024. How are you doing on your fitness goals? If
you’re like me, you established a goal and are working towards it. When we create
goals it can be challenging to see it through if we lose motivation. Consider exercise as
a daily motion, something we must do is as important as eating, sleeping, shopping, etc.
The more we move, the better we will feel. Premature death occurs when we combine a
bad diet with a lack of exercise. The average male life expectancy rate continues to
decline throughout the United States. Practicing good eating habits is vital for success
with weight loss and weight management. Collin Mays is a proponent of exercise and
proper diet. The key to longevity is understanding success does not come overnight. It
is a combination of time, practice, and ability to conquer setbacks.

We must remember everything in moderation. This includes what we eat. Collin Mays
believes a quick and effective way to increase weight loss is to eliminate soda from your
diet. Also practice intermittent fasting. Collin Mays practices intermittent fasting daily.
Collin Mays believes in fasting for 15 hours every day to cleanse your body.  In theory,
our bodies need 14-16 hours to digest and process food intake. Remember to eat high
protein foods
and vegetables often, but don’t deprive yourself of chocolate or ice cream
if you desire. We are all human and we should eat what we enjoy from time to time. The
reason why we overeat typically is because of outside pressures such as stress or
personal matters. It is natural to experience setbacks although we cannot let them
define us. Just remember to keep at it, consistency always wins no matter what. If you
feel a bit behind, just keep trying. Success comes to those who persevere!