About Me


Collin Mays, a prominent figure in local government and a dedicated philanthropist, hails from Michigan. Guided by a deep sense of leadership and professionalism, Mr. Mays has devoted his career to serving the public through strategic initiatives to stimulate economic growth and foster inclusivity.

Professional Journey

His professional journey is steeped in public service. He is renowned for his role as the founder and president of LMS Solutions, a strategic planning consulting firm that aids local governments and nonprofits. He has spent his career in the public sector with stints in Delta Township, the State of Michigan, the City of Cincinnati, Michigan Works, and the City of Center Line.

In the Pursuit of Inclusion

As Director, Mr. Mays oversees several crucial programs, including the Living Wage Program, MBE/WBE/SBE certification programs, and compliances related to Local, State, and federal Prevailing Wage laws; he aims to champion a more inclusive Cincinnati. The same spirit of inclusion carries over to Mr. Mays’s community outreach efforts, which he approaches with utmost professionalism.

Serving the Community

His involvement in community service extends beyond economics. Collin’s fervent belief in giving back to society reflects his dedication to philanthropic causes, particularly his association with the Mays Family Institute on Diverse Philanthropy and The Soul Of Philanthropy Michigan. Furthermore, the transformation he inspired within Delta Charter Township as a Community and Economic Development official is commendable, particularly in assisting minority-owned small businesses.

An Outstanding Scholar

His academic qualifications underpin Mr. Mays’s laudable professional career. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Western Michigan University and a Master’s in Public Administration from Oakland University. His intellectual prowess and practical experience equip him with a holistic perspective, evident in his adept handling of his duties.

Awards and Accolades

His professional excellence has not gone unnoticed. His significant recognitions include the 2015 Michigan Chronicle 40 under 40 distinction, the Crain’s Detroit Business 20 in their 20s class of 2019, and the 2023 Steven D. Ford award for professional excellence from NFBPA. His alma mater, too, presented him with the Alumni Achievement Award in 2022, a testament to his career’s impact and influence.

Membership and Association

Collin’s active participation in critical social communities, such as the International City/County Management Association (ICMA) and the National Forum for Black Public Administrators (NFBPA), underscore his leadership skills and dedication to community service.

Leisure and Interests

When not working, he loves to indulge in hobbies that extend his sphere of influence beyond the professional realm. He enjoys playing the saxophone, an endeavor that requires years of dedicated practice. His passion for exercise aligns with his philosophy of self-improvement and personal growth. However, his most cherished pastime is philanthropy—primarily through his role as a chairperson for the Alzheimer’s Walk 2021 in Detroit and as the Soul of Philanthropy 2023 Chairperson, where he has proven that he is a firm believer in paying it forward.

Collin Mays is a shining example of leadership, embodying the spirit of professionalism throughout his career in public service. His commitment to societal growth and economic development and his dedicated philanthropic endeavors reinforce his position as a leader in his field and society.

Collin Mays